Questions & Answers


I'm interested in talking to you about a wedding.
What should I do now?

Click here to get in touch. We can have a chat over the phone, or we can arrange to meet and talk about how best to capture your special day. 


What is your approach to filming a wedding?

Our approach is purely discreet storytelling, not posing you or interfering with what is going on. We’ll still talk to you of course, and enjoy a good laugh during the day, but we don’t want to interrupt with the flow of your day or stop you from interacting with you guests.  This really allows us to capture those real, natural moments as they happen and hopefully help you feel more comfortable with us.


Can I see some more of your work?

 Of course. You can see more of our work on Vimeo or Facebook. We also upload to Instagram every so often.  Those links are at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to get in touch to see more of our work that isn’t online.


Will you be getting in the way during my wedding service?

Never. We pick our spots and stay there. The only time we move is for the signing and then only with the permission of the church and the client.
Our aim is to be as discreet as possible.


Will you film the dinner? 

No. The dinner is a chance for you and the guests to relax and enjoy yourselves. Guests don't enjoy being filmed while eating and we take this time to have a break.

Do you require a dinner? 

Wedding meals are expensive and we don't expect you to pay for our food. We take that time to relax and prepare for the evening.

Who chooses the music for our video?

We do.  In order to ensure the songs we use comply with copyright we use songs from independent artists on Soundstripe, Artlist, Musicbed and others. This also means that the music works well with the edit. We also keep an eye out for other music sources to make sure we always find the right songs.

How long does it take to complete the edit? 

We aim to have your edit completed within 12 weeks of your wedding day provided we have everything we need. Our delivery also depends on our workload which tends to increase significantly in the summer months and towards Christmas. 

Can you hold a date for me?

Sorry but, due to the nature of our business, a booking fee of £250 is required to retain your date.


How much is the booking fee?

It's £250
This can be paid by bank transfer or any credit card.


Do you have insurance?

Yes. We are fully insured including public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Do you have a preference regarding which photographers you work with?

We do know some great photographers that we'd like to share another day of shooting with. We love getting to know new photographers too.

How many cameras do you use / how many of you are there?

This depends on the package you book. In packages one & two there will be one of us using multiple cameras. In package three there are two of us working independently. This allows us to move about less, and, although time consuming, properly edited footage from multiple sources results in a huge improvement in the quality of your video. 


Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, as well as our main cameras we each have a backup camera in our backpacks so we can keep shooting without missing a moment. We also use multiple audio recorders and don’t rely on venue or hotel equipment.


What does the price include?

Everything. We don't charge for mileage within Northern Ireland, or for any extra time we spend to make sure your film is great. The price you are given is the price you'll pay. It won't change unless you change your package or ask for something extra .


How far can you travel within the package price?

Generally we include travel up to 2 hours from Belfast. If your wedding is further away than this just let us know and we'll work it out.


Do you film the bridal prep?

Yes, we'll arrive nice and early to film your prep in the morning. That said, it's important that we arrive at the service location about 45 minutes before it starts to set up, and to film the groom & guests arriving.

Can you film the Groom prep too? 

Yes — this is included in package three, but it's dependent on the locations of your home and service. We need to ensure we have sufficient time to get to the ceremony and set up before the groom and guests arrive.    


How long will the final product be?

For full details, just take a look at our packages page


What about audio?

We take audio very seriously, and it shows in our work. We will place discreet mics on the groom to record the vows from the bride & groom. We'll make sure that readers, musicians and official are set up to allow us to record everything clearly and minimise background noise. We will also tap into the hotel microphone to get a good recording of the speeches or mic the speakers individually if that option is not available. 


What if our officiant is strict about people recording the ceremony?

We do encounter strict conditions sometime, but have found that assuring the officiant that we won’t be a distraction normally puts them at ease. If you are anxious about this we can often call them in advance to make sure they're listened to, reassured and respected.